360 Degree Feedback For Leaders

How Can Leaders Get Feedback?

Sometimes, the mirror doesn’t always reflect the whole person.  Do you wonder how others view you as a leader?  Feedback can be difficult for leaders to get.  Even more so for those closer to the top of the organization.  Who can give you honest feedback?  Who would give you the most accurate feedback?  You most likely are viewed differently by your boss, your peers and direct reports.  Don’t despair because there is a solution and that is called 360 degree feedback.

What is 360 degree feedback?

360 degree feedback begins with the leader working with a seasoned leadership consultant.  The consultant is certified in one of the many reliable assessments.  The leader together with the manager will  identify the raters.  The raters will be asked to fill out a questionnaire anonymously on important leadership competencies.

Once the report is collated, the facilitator will spend several hours reviewing the results with the leader.  They will discuss key patterns and trends. Lastly, the consultant will work with the leader to determine the next steps, which include creating a development plan.

Six points about 360 degree feedback

If you are going to consider 360 degree feedback:

  1. Ensure that this process is for development and not used for selection or performance management
  2. Engage a seasoned and certified facilitator
  3. Use competencies that are critical to your role.
  4. Work with your manager to identify the raters
  5. Identify 2 or 3 goals that you will target for your ongoing development
  6. Sign off with your manager on your development

Where can I find  360 degree feedback services?

The Center for Creative Leadership has done an excellent job in creating 360 degree assessments for every level of leader and include:

  • First Line Leader- Skillscope
  • Leader- Benchmarks
  • Senior Leader- Executive Dimensions

For a certified facilitator and more information, click on http://margaretholtman.com/assessment-center/