Change and Communication

Communication Checklist For Change

You have been charged with a major change effort.  Great!  What do you do next?  How do you motivate others to support the change?  The answer:  Communicate, Communicate, Communicate. Leaders must carefully plan communications for any change to be successful.  The following checklist provides all the components for getting your change off to a great start and a successful outcome:

The Reason

  • Answers the key question “why change?” and creates motivation.
  • The leader describes the business reason for change, connecting dots to the bottom-line success of the company.

 Vision of The Future

  • Answers the key question “Change to what?” by providing the leader’s view of the new state
  • The leader details what will look and feel different in the future and what will stay the same.

Plan for Getting There

  • Answers the question “How will we change?” and mobilizes people toward a common destination.
  • The leader provides an overview of the integrated change agenda, key strategies, and implementation plans.

Belief that it  is Achievable

  • Answers the question “Is this really possible?” and encourages interest, engagement and optimism.
  • The leader seizes every available opportunity to communicate what is taking hold and making a difference.

Clear Expectations

  • Answers the question “What can I expect of you and what is expected of me?”
  • The leader helps people prepare and reduces their uncertainty.

What you can do to drive and promote change

Assess where you are in your change efforts by looking at each of the five points in the checklist.  Pay attention to what you have completed, what is in progress and what is not yet addressed.  Make a plan to fill in the gaps.  Check your plan often and adjust accordingly.  Make sure you have considered all the stakeholders in your communication plan.

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